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Is Work Management software the right solution for your challenges?

Modern Work Management (MWM) software is a good fit if you:

  • Need a true system of record for your organization’s work
  • Want to centralize projects in one solution
  • Need to deliver client-facing services more effectively
  • Need to govern regulatory compliance
  • Need to manage digital work processes
  • Review and approve digital work

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If MWM is for you, here are the steps that will make the purchasing process easier.


Define Your Challenges

What work management problems are you trying to solve? Begin by making a list of challenges you and your team want to overcome.

FINDING the Right Solution

Here are a few examples of common marketing challenges:

Lack of visibility into work impairs decision-making and project prioritization
Inconsistent quality and missed deadlines due to non-standard processes
Inefficient review and approval loops result in delays and low-quality work
Ineffective operations lead to tighter margins and poor client satisfaction
Tedious processes that provide no confidence in meeting compliance standards


Research Your Options

Find the right project/work management software providers.

FINDING the Right Solution

Do a web search and ask colleagues for recommendations.

Seek expert advice from review sites like Capterra, TrustRadius, PC MagazineTechnology Advice, Software Advice, and Hubspot.
Vet potential vendors using reputable sources like Forrester Wave, Gartner Magic Quadrants, IDC, and Sirius Decisions.
Narrow vendors to your top 3-5 choices.
Compare features and functionality across all top vendor choices.

“Search for vendors who will solve your specific pains. Look at what they actually do vs. what you want them to do.”

Brandon Jensen
Director, Marketing Operations


Verify Vendor Qualifications

Narrow your search to your top 1-2 software vendors.

FINDING the Right Solution

Talk to internal stakeholders

Touch base with internal stakeholders who have a say in selecting and implementing a new tool. Gather the needed information for internal requirements.

Connect with each prospective vendor

Armed with your research, reach out to the vendor’s sales team via their website. The sales process varies from vendor to vendor, but will probably include the following:

Discovery call
Initial Pitch
Product demonstration
Initial value assessment
Addressing internal requirements from stakeholders
Get the vision of how the solution will work within your company/department


Justify The Purchase

Get final buy-in for your top work management software pick.

FINDING the Right Solution

1. Gather data to support your decision. 

  • Start with the list of existing challenges and try to quantify the cost.
  • Ask the Sales Rep for resources like case studies, price sheets, and customer snapshots.
  • Calculate savings.

2. Identify upfront and recurring costs.

This may include subscription fees, consulting, and training. If it’s an on-premise solution, you may need additional technology.

3. Do the math.

Remember to calculate gains in the first year, as well as after 2-3 years for more compelling numbers.

4. Justify upfront costs.

A great vendor will provide options and guidance for support designing and implementing your tool based on best practices.


Purchase Your Tool

Once you’ve chosen a vendor and have approval, it’s time to buy!

PURCHASING the Right Solution


Legal/Finance: Review and negotiations can take time, so get it started ASAP.
More Info

Legal reviews take time, so tackle these steps while you wait:

  • Timeline for configuration and setup
  • Determine what resources you’ll need
  • Inform all stakeholders of the timeline
  • Prepare internal training and communication plans
Price negotiations: Use your procurement team or executive sponsor.
Set up a purchase order (PO).
Sign and deliver final documents, like:
  • Order form
  • Legal documents
  • MSSA (Master Software Subscription Agreement) or MSLSA (Master Software License and Services Agreement
  • Services Statement of Work (SOW)


Implement Your New Tool

You’ve signed the dotted line and the purchase has been made! Time to work with your vendor and implement your new work management software.

PURCHASING the Right Solution

Implementation time depends on:

Project scope
Number of users and workflows, custom configurations, etc.

Number of dedicated resources
More people = faster implementations

Compliance requirements
Compliance concerns in highly regulated industries add time

Your vendor and implementation team will help you:

  • Prepare the tools and processes you’re keeping.
  • Review your current workflows.
  • Create new processes and workflows.
  • Design, configure, and test the tool.
  • Training plan prior to Go Live.
  • Official launch plan and implementation.
  • Make your launch fun to get people engaged and excited.